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Miltos Ladikas - The Doctoral Conference in TA is a compulsory part of the PhD programme on Technology Assessment (TA). It offers an opportunity the PhD students in TA to discuss their PhD projects, as well as to get acquainted with research being developed related to concepts, methodologies and different themes in. Miltos Ladikas, whose background is in social psychology, is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Professional Ethics, UCLan, UK as well as scientific staff at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology’s Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse.. Works by Miltos Ladikas ( view other items matching `Miltos Ladikas`, view all matches). 5 found.

Familiennamen Miltos Yerolemou (2) Miltos Tsiantis (2) Miltos Ladikas (1) Miltos Miltiadous (1) Miltos Thomaides (1) Miltos Savvas (1) Miltos Messinezis (1). Leonhard Hennen/Miltos Ladikas, Embedding Society in European Science and Technology Advice, in: Miltos Ladikas (Hrsg.), Embedding Society in Science and Technology Policy, Brüssel 2009, S. 39–64. 9.. BILAT SILK will raise the European Union’s science and technology profile in China through a series of promotional activities to disseminate the EU’s research policies and actions among Chinese scientists and research institutions. Strategic partnerships between EU countries and China will be promoted through collaboration schemes and the identification of new activities..

Das Werk wurde gemeinsam herausgegeben von Julia Hahn und Miltos Ladikas, Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS) des Karlsruher Instituts für. Julia Hahn and Miltos Ladikas (2014): Responsible Research and Innovation: a Global Perspective, Enterprise and Work Innovation Studies, 10, IET, pp. 9 - 27. disposition, both in science and technology studies of RI and more broadly as RI begins to move across borders” (Macnaghten et al. 2014: 197).. In the drive for more sustainable futures, research and innovation actors are increasingly called upon to anticipate and respond to expectations and concerns from citizens and policy, industry and a variety of other stakeholders..

Author(s): Julia Hahn, Miltos Ladikas, Ellen-Marie Forsberg, Pavel Kulakov, Tess Doezema, Tatiana Maximora-Mentzoni, Mario Pansera, Constanze Scherz, Richard Owen.